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Complaint Procedure

Right to Complain

Everyone has the right to raise a concern, make a complaint, access advocacy, and to make suggestions and inquiries. Contact Niagara is committed to providing quality service to children, youth and families. We are guided by our Mission, Vision, Values, as found on this website. Our complaints process will ensure that

  1. The rights, best interests and views of the child or youth will guide the process, regardless of who initiated the process.
  2. There will not be any negative consequences to anyone, including children, youth and families, as a result of initiating any process.
  3. The confidentiality and privacy of individuals and families will be respected.
  4. Everyone, including children, youth and families, has the right to involve an advocate, relative or friend to support them through the process.

Any individual may register a concern or complaint, or make any comment, regarding the direct service provided by Contact Niagara. These concerns, complaints and/or comments will be dealt with in a consistent, responsive and timely manner.

In resolving concerns/complaints, Contact Niagara shall

  1. Acknowledge the concern/complaint by phone within two (2) business days and within five (5) days by letter if the complainant can not be reached by phone
  2. Endeavour to resolve all Service concerns/Complaints related to staff, student orvolunteer actions within twenty (20) business days
  3. Endeavor to resolve all Process Concerns/Complaints related to our business policies and practices within forty (40) business days
  4. Apply a collaborative approach to problem-solving to resolve all concerns complaints
  5. Keep the complainant informed of the status of their concern/complaint throughout the resolution process both verbally and in writing
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