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Welcome to Contact Niagara

Contact Niagara provides information and services in Niagara for local children and youth who have emotional, behavioural and/or developmental concerns. Resource Coordinators will help determine if you could benefit from resources offered by one of our service partners. The Resource Coordinator will guide you through an Intake Process that will identify and document the information that is required for support to begin.


To make a positive difference for individuals, families and the communities we serve, by providing coordinated information and processes, participating in collaborative community planning, and facilitating access to services.


A community where everyone feels respected, valued and supported and every child and youth is able to reach their full potential.


At Contact Niagara, to guide our decisions and actions, we have a belief in and a commitment to the following core values:

Client and Family Centred

Individuals and families are central to our work

Personal Development

We believe people are individuals, each with unique strengths, needs, feelings and thoughts. We will:

  • work with each person and family towards the achievement of individual and collective goals
  • work and act in partnership with individuals and families, and our shared communities

Integrity, Accountability, Trust and Transparency

Committed to service excellence, our values will be evident in all we do. We will:

  • Engage children, youth and families
  • be open, honest, respectful and objective
  • seek input and welcome advice
  • make decisions fairly and responsibly
  • be guided by what we learn through innovation and creativity


Recognizing and valuing the importance of partnerships, alliances and collaborative effort, we will:

  • ensure timely, flexible and appropriate responses
  • value the diversity of our communities and individuals
  • honour the privacy and dignity of others

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 Privacy and Consent Statement - please click here